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Looking on the Brightside with Alisha

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We love serendipitous encounters where we come across people and stories that align with our values and as a brand, we are always so thrilled to share their journey with you! They not only inspire us but we are constantly amazed by all the different perspectives we get to hear from every creator.


Today we're having a hearty conversation with Alisha, a beautiful soul and the creator of Brightside Journal (You might recognise it from our Secret Santa blogpost!) She shares some insights about her lifestyle as a digital creator and the idea behind Brightside! 


1) Starting with the obvious first, tell us about your journey as a digital creator and the idea behind Brightside Journal.

I have a long history with gratitude. My mother played a very important role in starting me young and making sure I notice the small things, the small joys of life and express appreciation for them. At that time when I was young, it seemed quite silly, almost a chore to be saying thank you for the food on my table, thank you for the beautiful garden we have at home, and I did it more to please my mother than to actually feel the thankfulness. 

But as expected and probably true to my mother’s intention somewhere along the line this habit got imprinted in my subconscious. And even though I didn’t do it actively, in the back of mind I always did say a little ‘thank you’ when something good happened or something worked in my favour.


Back in 2018, I was looking up wellness rituals to include in my day and ‘gratitude journaling’ came up a lot. From Oprah Winfrey to Richard Branson to Emma Watson, everybody seemed to be practicing gratitude and immensely benefitting from it. 


I looked online for gratitude journals and I did not find even a single one dedicated completely to gratitude. I’d mostly find daily planners with a small section for writing gratitude lists. So instead of waiting for the perfect journal to come my way, I got myself a simple ruled notebook and started writing three things I’m grateful for everyday. I maintained this practice for over a year and my life turned around 180 degrees. 


The simple practice of gratitude journaling had a deep, profound impact on so many areas of my life — I felt happier, had better, more meaningful relationships, felt less stressed and more calm. I also experienced a lot more clarity in life than I did before and just overall, I found myself living a more wholesome, feel-good life. 

It was (and still is) the best thing that has happened to me and I just knew I had to make this practice available to a big audience. 


2) Have you always wanted to do this? If not, what paved the way for you? When did you first become passionate about it?

I have always been passionate about health and wellbeing. It’s one topic I can talk and learn about for hours on end and it’s also a huge part of who I am and the lifestyle I live today. I always knew I wanted do something around it in a more focused way, but I wasn’t sure what form of wellness it would be. 


But over the years, one thing led to another and Brightside Journal came into being.

3) A day in the life of Alisha - 

Mornings are the most important part of the day for me. I love having a solid routine in place, something that’s not rigid and yet allows me time to myself to practice certain feel-good, uplifting rituals before I get to work.

  • -Wake up around 6:30 am

  • -Check my phone for about 3-5 minutes 

  • -Then I head straight to the kitchen to start my day with warm water

  • -Right after, I will do some basic cleaning around the house, which is usually putting the dry dishes away, cleaning the house, prepping for breakfast, watering the plants and making my bed.

  • -4 days a week, I’ll also do a one hour workout with my trainer

  • -After that, I’ll shower, have breakfast and get straight to work 

  • -I work between 10 am and 6 pm every day with a small afternoon break to have tea, meditate and wrap up some quick chores

  • -Once I finish work, I’ll usually either go for a walk (if I haven’t worked out on that day) or get straight to making dinner

  • -I like to have an early dinner, around 7:30 pm and then I’ll either watch a TV show with my husband, or catch up with him about both our days or work for a little bit before it’s time for bed. 

  • -I also have a little night routine I love and one that I have been practising consistently for a couple of years now. It involves a quick shower, brushing my teeth, writing in my Brightside Journal, reading for 15-20 mins and being in bed by 10:30-11pm. 


This is what an ideal looks like and 8 out of 10 times this is what I’ll follow. That said, there are always days that are more demanding where I’ll work much longer or some other days where I really cannot bring myself to work/focus, so I try to take it easy and give myself a break on those days.


4) What inspires you to stay creative? 

Creativity ebbs and flows, but I’ve always found that it’s more likely to flow when I actually flow with the process. Over the years of putting my creative work out there in the form of words, pictures, products I have fallen in love with the process itself. Right from the idea to questioning the idea to coming back to it with a fresh perspective, to putting my heart and soul into it and finally, seeing it in it’s fully glory — I enjoy it all.


Apart from that, producing work that I know will provide value and help someone in some way is what keeps me creative. 


5) What do most people misunderstand in your field of work?

That you need to have it all figured out to begin your entrepreneurship journey and the fact that being your own boss is cushy and simple.


You know that feeling when “you’re building the plane, while flying it”? As an entrepreneur, you learn as you go and you wear many more hats than you’re used to. If I knew the challenges I had to overcome to launch Brightside, I would have never gone ahead with the idea. 


Of course, it’s important to know why you’re doing this and you need sufficient capital to begin with, but you don’t have to have it all figured out when you’re getting started. There’s a lot of learning and adventure in the journey itself and honestly, if you’re in it for the long haul, it’s all very fun and exciting too.


Also, a lot of people misunderstand that being your own boss is full of perks. Sure, it’s great and you can choose your work hours, but it’s far from easy. You still have responsibilities to uphold and accountability to the people around you, your customers and a lot more. There’s a lot that rests on you, so it’s important to have a clear sense of what you’re getting into. 


6) What does success mean to you? 

My definition of success has evolved a lot in the last few years and the way in which I’ve been living my life. Success to me is feeling a deep sense of fulfilment and purpose. It’s about feeling satisfied with myself, having meaningful relationships in my life and the amount of joy and abundance I can offer to the world.


If I reflect on my life and see that I have been a kind, humble person who has strived for self-improvement, travelled the world and has provided value to their community, I will consider myself successful. 


Quick fix with Alisha : 

1) Describe your life in three words

This keeps changing, but currently it feels wholesome, balanced and growth-oriented.

2) If you were to write a song what would the title be -

Believing is my superpower musical note 

3) An Instagram account you're currently crushing

@classycasita sparkles herb  

4) What is that one thing you tell yourself to get out of a jam 

One day at a time. 

5) Your go-to band/ song that always makes you feel better

So many to choose from, but I’m currently loving Home by Edith Whiskers.

6) If you had the world's attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

Take this gift of existence and use it wisely. Be kind to others and make life easier for everyone around you. Educate yourself, seek knowledge, give love and only love, use your voice for the right things and take care of this beautiful planet that you call home. Love yourself no matter what and be open to changing your mind and opinion(s). 

Life is a beautiful adventure and you must spend every bit of your time here as beautifully and sustainably as you can, in love, growth and harmony. 

7) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Start saving as early in your life as you can. It will empower you in endless ways.

8) If you had to work but didn't need the money, what would you choose to do?

Exactly what I’m doing right now slightly smiling face Except, I’d take more risks. 

9) A motto you live by -

Keep your head up. 

Keep your heart strong. 

10)  A book that you cannot recommend enough -

Atomic Habits by James Clear. It’s a remarkable book full of practical information that talks about how daily habits performed consistently over a period of time can bring extraordinary results. The language is simple, the advice is great and it’s everything you’ll need to start powerful, sustainable habits in your own life. 


That's it for today! We hope you enjoyed this special post as much as we did while curating it. If you want to start your gratitude journey we recommend you buy the Brightside Journal right away!!


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Shilpa B / Reply

she is my favorite. Every word she speaks is of so much insight. Love you.

Ann Dehnugar / Reply

I have really been following Alisha for awhile now and I always find a sense a calm while I read her posts. There is always positivity and serenity in everything is puts out. Thank you for existing❤

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