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Secret Santa gifts & where to find them

The winter cold wrapped with the warmth of love & festivity, the ending of a long year with the hopefulness of what’s to come….ahhh December is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Personally we love the whole annual ritual of bringing out our fluffy winter clothes, the smell of baked goods & coffee filling our homes, decking up that lovely Christmas tree, and not to forget playing Secret Santa to our friends, family and colleagues! The whole month is one long joyous holiday and we are here to prepare you! Ready to become the best Secret Santa in town? Hop on! 


1. Get them in the mood for Christmas

Christmas is more than just a festival! It’s a mood! From Christmas decor to baked goodness to holiday movies, there are many key ingredients that make Christmas what it is. So naturally these are our go-tos when it comes to Secret Santa gift ideas. Think ornaments, plum cakes, wine, chocolates...maybe even put them all together as Christmas magic in a box. Planning gifts for loved ones? Go the extra mile with a snuggly night of drinking mulled wine, singing carols, and watching Christmas movies together! Like we said, it’s a mood. Create it.


Shop here: For Christmas decor check out @thelittlehandmadeproject and @merakibymalini on Instagram. They have got the most delightful Christmas collection and you're going to want to get them all!

Secret Santa Christmas gifts shop


2. Help them with the winter blues

There’s something about wrapping yourself in a warm comfy sweater with a big cuppa of hot chocolate. Feels like a nice warm hug, doesn’t it? So how about getting them comfy sweaters, mufflers, or socks this Christmas. (If you are imagining the Hogwarts life while reading this, give us a cheer in the comment section below! :D) You could also add in some throws and cushion covers for good measure. Also how about a nice big ceramic mug with marshmallows & their favorite beverage for them to sip through winter mornings? That’s got to help with those winter blues for sure.


Shop here: We can't help but swoon over @thenascentdecor's beautiful monochromatic collection of throws and cushions. And for our cuppas, we have been eyeing @slowpottery's distorted mugs. Love, love them!

Secret Santa gifts india

3. Invest in their dreams & hobbies

This is one of the surest ways to win their heart. If they love reading, get them a book that has been on their reading list or a kindle perhaps so they can read anywhere anytime. For art lovers you could contribute to their ever expanding collection of sketchbooks, brushes, color palettes. Or maybe gift them an art workshop and help them grow! So that's the basic idea. Think about how you can support their hobbies. The fact that you took the time to research their interest and help them get better will definitely show how much you care. And the best part is you can be sure they will use your gift and not get it exchanged like some people (cough *Rachel*) do. 


Shop here: Find unique leather goodness at @theblackcanvas_. Our favourite is their artist tool roll and oh, just look at that Christmas green colour! For workshops be sure to check out our friend @artbyrachna. Not only does she bring years of expertise to the table, her class workbooks are something we can vouch for!

Secret Santa gifts india artists 

4. Help them kick start the new year

Christmas also brings with it the excitement for the new year. And the hope to accomplish all our big dreams and become better versions of ourselves. So how about you help them get a jump start? We are talking planners, calendars, gratitude journals, notepads, habit trackers, meal get the idea. These also make for great Secret Santa gifts for coworkers you don’t know all that well but can be sure that they will find these quite helpful. Jotting down their goals and thoughts on paper will help them feel accountable through the year and have their best year yet. 


Shop here: Well, for this one we're going to have to say @carousel. Our 2021 Planner & Calendar collection is our most intentional one yet and would make for a great Secret Santa/New year gift. For those looking for a regular gratitude practice, we recommend @brightsidejournalSecret Santa gifts India


5. Pamper them with some end-of-year care

Having worked hard through the year, it’s time to slow down, leave all the stress behind and indulge in some much needed self care. So how about pampering them with some lovely bath and body products, candles and diffusers? You could even book them an at-home massage or manicure/pedicure session to help them relax. Well get one for yourself too while you are at it! You deserve it! 


Shop here: @mud_and_moon takes the prize when it comes to the most unique and beautiful soap bars. We could just get them all! For candles, check out the lovely fragrances by @aromatales.

Secret Santa gift ideas

That brings us to the end of our list. We hope you enjoyed it and discovered some lovely homegrown brands. Be sure to spread some Christmas cheer by shopping from these small businesses this season! Happy Holidays!

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