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Welcome to our virtual home

Carousel is a lifestyle brand that strives to inspire you to create & live your best life! We believe in the Hygge way of living, creating everyday happiness with simple pleasures, cozy spaces, and the warm company of loved ones. And we do this by way of heartfelt designs!

Our logo is a reflection of the living project that we are! The imperfect circle around our name depicts that we continue to learn while embracing our imperfections while the yin yang path of the wildflowers represents the circular motion of Carousel, ever-growing and ever-evolving.

How it all started

As an interior designer by profession, the thought of bringing somebody's dream home to life would light me up. While creating this space, I would always try to add a personality to the home that would reflect the person's style and beliefs. While trying to source these products, I'd come to realize that we didn't have a lot of suitable options in India, which is why I started creating these products myself, and that's how Carousel was born! The year was 2013. - Twisha Maniar, Founder Carousel

Our Philosophy

About Us,

Life at Carousel

We are not big on labels, but if we were to pin down our work philosophy "Less Egos, More Amigos" is what we would have to say. We are passionate about what we do, we work hard, and we do that as a team! We work out of our quaint little studio in the heart of Pune city, a space full of fresh flowers, music, lights and plants, lots and lots of plants! Feel like you'd fit right in?

About us

About us

Experience Carousel in person

A physical store is a big dream for us. We have some rough ideas in mind, but we aren't married to anything yet. But till that day comes, here are a few places you can visit to fall in love with our collections if you haven't already!

About us

About us