Carousel India
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"We believe in appreciating the little things in life, being present and surrounding yourself with warm people and spaces"

And this starts right at home at our cozy little studio in the heart of Pune city. We are not big on labels, but if we were to pin down our work philosophy "Less Egos, More Amigos" is what we would have to say. We are passionate about what we do, we work hard, and we do that as a team! We have realized listening and learning from each other's experiences is the best way to grow together.

Here's a sneak peek into "Life at Carousel". You would always find our studio filled with fresh flowers, music, lights and plants, lots and lots of plants! The evening light here is to die for and we make the most of it too (hello Instagram pictures!). Talking about evenings, our founder spoils us (more like we exploit her) with Vietnamese coffee and orange tea and we enjoy them over warm, sometimes long conversations. We also break into impromptu musical jam sessions every now and then.

When we are not having fun, we like to balance it out by working hard. If you are up for that and can say that you are reliable, comfortable with dynamic changes, a self-starter, and a team player, well you should already be here!

No worries, you can apply now.