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5 little things bringing us joy right now!

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Hi, how are you? We hope all of you are safe and indoors with your loved ones. We are doing alright , all things considered. Although, this year has been a bit tougher on all of us than the last one. 


When you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed, it’s really easy to focus on everything that is going wrong but if there is one thing that kept us a little sane, it was to shift our focus and find joy in the small, simple things in life. They aren't big things necessarily. Most days, the smallest of things made the most difference. So we thought we would write about them to make your day a little brighter!


1. Our beloved Plants Making space for plants in our room has been a blessing in disguise. They bring so much calm and joy to our restless souls. Bringing the outdoors, inside is the best way to connect to nature.


2. Our Morning Coffee Probably our favourite on our list. The effect of a good cup lasts all day. There is something about perfectly roasted coffee with a lot of foam with it! Somedays we sprinkle it with cinnamon, on days we have time we try doing a latte heart on top.


3. Summer Sunsets Sitting by our window, watching the sun go down soothes us like nothing else. This is the part of the day we look forward to! The colours of the sun on summer evenings are so inspiring. Plus the weather has been beautiful lately!


4. The Magic of Music  If you know us through Instagram, you know how much we love music! Making playlists is our thing. We cannot express how music has helped us in ways more than one. We love unwinding to calming playlists or playing our ukulele when the day ends :)


5. Indulging in Art We all know that art heals and we have been indulging in a lot of mindful art to bring more meaningful products to you. We want to share art that you all can resonate with and in these times, Skillshare has been a saviour. From creative journalling to styling tips to business lessons, we watch it every time we need a little lift me up! These are a few classes we are really enjoying at the moment!


1 ) Writing for Self-Discovery: 6 Journaling Prompts for Gratitude and Growth

2) Daily Art Practice: 14 Day Mindset Challenge

3) Focus to Flourish: Productivity Skills for the Creative


We know times are hard but we have come to a realisation that doing your best and helping in the smallest way you can, is enough. With every thing happening around us, we wanted to spread some cheer in our own way! Amidst all the fear and anxiety, we have found daily bliss by making happy lists of things that bring us joy everyday. And we wanted to share it with you too! You can draw it out the empty pages of any notebook ( our undated planner has a lot of empty pages! ) Or you can take a print of it and turn it into a reminder :) Get as creative as you want to. Click on the image below and it will take you to the freebie!


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