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Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers

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With Rakshabandhan just a couple of weeks away and our girl tribe attempting to get something for their impossible brothers, we thought it’s about time we stepped in. So girls, here’s a list of 5 useful Rakhi gift ideas! You can thank us later!


1. Don’t play nice



Just because it’s Rakshabandhan doesn’t mean you HAVE to be nice. After all what’s sibling love without a bit of teasing, right? Get him some fun photo frames with his most embarrassing picture. Or oh, you could even compile a short movie on your phone! That would be fun! Well, okay maybe you can be a little nice and shower him with some love & nice gifts especially since he’s the 2nd favourite child and all! :D  


Gifts for Siblings      Photo Frames


2. Make sure he’s actually working from home


With no boss looking over his shoulder who knows if he's even working at home or just chilling all day! It's upon us to make sure he’s got no excuses. Think laptop tables, wireless earphones, mobile charging stations, casual outfits for those Zoom calls, heck get him a Furlenco subscription if that’s what it takes! We say leave no stone unturned and get him to work! 


3. Give him a break


Now that he’s busy working hard let’s cut him some slack and get him something he can enjoy in between breaks. How about a coffee pack that would last him a month? Well we’ve got two words for you. Sleepy Owl. They have got the best coffee out there and we cannot recommend them enough! You could also get him protein bars so he has something to munch on throughout the day. “and nothing else” has got really some great options! In fact get some for yourself too while you're at it!   


4. Can’t send anything? Go digital


In case you cannot get anything delivered to him, go digital! There are tonnes of online classes, workshops, and even music shows happening these days and you could sign him up for a fun weekend. And don’t forget to send him a nice e-card to go with it! And if all else fails, you always have the option of a gift card. These are also great options in case you are reading this blog 2 days before Rakhi and are looking for some last-minute Rakhi gift ideas. (Boy! Are you running late or what? Thank God you have us!)   


5. Go traditional in style


Well let’s face it, Rakshabandhan would not quite feel complete without a Rakhi on your brother’s wrist. So send across a Rakhi kumkum pack his way so he feels right at home! A little bit of love can’t hurt, right? You could also shower him with our big box of love if you are feeling generous! It’s just the right mix of sentiment and fun! We love it! You’ll love it! He'll love it too! And you all can happily go back to fighting the day after.




And that’s all from us! Hope you could find something you could use in here. Do tell us in the comments below if you did. And in case you are still looking, don’t forget to check out our Rakhi gift collection. See you in the next blog!       

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