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Of sunsets, little rituals and orange iced teas!

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Hi there! 

How are you this evening? Can you believe April is almost over ?! Luckily, unlike other months, I have spent this month being conscious of how I spend my time and doing things I truly love and want to do! It took me a little adjusting but once I accepted that there wasn't much I could do, it all became very easy and I have been more active than ever!  

My evenings at Studio Carousel are spent making all sorts of beverages! We do not have an office boy who makes us teas. Neither do I make any interns get us coffees! (Although, it sounds like a fun thing to do!) In fact, unlike most firms, I am the one who is responsible for making us our daily tea or coffee! (Mostly because I don't trust anyone with this. One of the little rituals I really miss about work! 

Which made me start a little ritual of mine. Sitting by the window and watching the sun go down. And sip on my coffee or tea. Of course, it is not very fancy, in fact it is one of the most basic things on earth, but I love how it reminds me to slow down and just be! One of my favourite ways to bring some Hygge in my summer days is to make this delicious iced teas! I make a whole jar and sip it every time I crave something nice. If you're reading this, I have a little hack for you. The Orange Juice here can be replaced with any other flavour you like. Apple, peach, or even lemons! Experiment a little and you will be surprised how good it is! 

I hope you love and enjoy it as much as I do! And make it a part of your little routine as well :) 

Love and good vibes,


Orange Iced Tea Recipe with Illustration

Long press on the image and save it on the phone. Or just right click and save it on your computer! 


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