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Of social distancing, ticking off our to-do lists and OUR FIRST FREEBIE!

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Hey you!

How are you today?!  Us? Well, we're are not going to lie, we are officially losing track of what day it is. The "social distancing” has our routine all topsy-turvey, but we kind of enjoy the change of pace! We've always loved the slowing down and taking it one-day-at-a-time attitude! 

Also, being somewhat forced to stay home has been kind of a blessing for us. We have been more productive than ever. We have been checking off our pending to-do lists at a lightning speed. We are able to do all the things that we haven't been able to do all these years! We finally launched a BLOG, we have been consistent with our content-Weekly DIY's, Colour-in sheets, a dream of a SALE to help a cause that's so close to our heart! Ah! The things one can do under pressure. 

Which brings us to our next celebration!  We have launched our very first set of freebies today! A set of beautiful hand-illustrated highlight covers for your Instagram stories. You can use them as a set or mix and match both together!  

You can download the files here and here! We hope you have fun with them and tag us and let us know if you use them! 

Free Instagram Highlight Covers



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