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Cosy decor ideas for Valentine's Day

You know the season of love has arrived when we see nothing but red roses, chocolates, cheesy gifts and rom-com movie ads around us. As cliche as Valentine’s Day is, this seemingly over-the-top excuse to celebrate love is too good to be missed. And we are here to make sure that you don’t! Whether you are currently unattached or have been going steady with someone, it’s a day you must celebrate in your own way. And it must start right at home. So to get you in the mood, we are sharing how you can turn your home into a romantic getaway. Do up one room or all, the magic ingredients for a stay-at-home Valentine's date stay the same. You need to entice all five senses - warm lighting, romantic scent, good music & food and a cozy comfy space are all you need. But let’s look at some inspiration, shall we? 


1. The living room

Grab a nice warm throw along with a lot of cushions and get ready to be comfy here with your date or girl friends or by yourself. You could pick the sofa itself or maybe even set something up on the floor depending on your mood. Now, the easiest trick in the book is to add some fairy lights and fragrant candles all across the room. But if you are up for something more, we suggest making a canopy with a bedsheet or even an old saree. You could snuggle in and spend the night watching your favourite movie or play games together. Another idea is to set aside some space to dance. It’s not everyday that your living room looks this magical, so slow-dance the night away.  

 Valentines Day decor idea living room


2. The balcony

Oh this would be so very romantic! Start with the basics first - put up fairy lights and candles and grab your coziest throw to get comfortable. For this semi-open space we would suggest adding hanging lanterns or lamps. This layering of lights at different heights would look lovely to the eyes. If you have a swing, make sure you light that up too. The place should feel like a nice little escape with plants and warm light all around you, wind blowing ever so slightly. Time to pop open that bottle of wine, get some mellow music going in the background, and spend the night looking at the stars and just taking in the view and the company. 

 Valentines Day decor idea balcony


3. The bedroom

Warm light is a must in all rooms, and this one is no exception. Add fairy lights on the roof or use them as a backdrop on your main headrest wall. Feel free to create a small canopy here as well with a sheer curtain or dupatta. Now, light is only half the battle. The other half is your bedding. Create the kind of mood you want to go for by either keeping the theme light, think whites and pinks or you can go for something darker and sensuous, say a maroon or velvet. Finish up with a great smelling candle and you are done!

 Valentines Day decor idea bedroom


4. The garden or rooftop

If you have an open-air garden or even a rooftop to yourself, well first of all we’re jealous! You could not only do all of the above but also turn this space into a nice little picnic spot if you like. Spend the day together making baked goods, sandwiches, pasta or anything else that you might enjoy. Take them out into your spot and enjoy your time out in the open. Play games, read books or maybe even take this day to relax together and do nothing. You could even set up a nice canopy here (as you can tell we’re obsessed with them!). Come night time, light up some candles, play some music and get cosy under the night sky. 

 Valentines Day decor idea garden


5. The bath

For those who have a bathtub (you lucky, lucky person) we have to say, if there was a day to use that tub it’s Valentine’s Day! Get that bubble bath going, add some flowers (or even oranges) in there if you like, use your favourite candles, and get ready for a hella good time. Doesn’t matter if you are alone or have company, this is just the kind of indulgence everyone could use. Hell, we say get a staycation if you are serious about getting some quality pampering done. Even if that’s not an option, don’t brush aside this part of the house. Use fragrant candles or aroma diffusers and keep the lights dim and cosy to keep the romantic mood going through the house.

Valentines Day decor idea bathroom



Hope these gave you some ideas to decorate your home for a romantic Valentine's Day date. If you have any other ideas, be sure to comment down below and help all the other hopeless romantics out there. For those still trying to figure out what to get for their partners or maybe indulge in something nice for themselves too, we have our lovely Valentine's Day collection waiting for you. Go, spread some love.  

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