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7 Easy festive gift wrapping ideas

Can you believe we have only got two months of 2020 left? Like you, we too cannot wait for this year to be over already. But you have to admit, this year has been one of many learning which has (hopefully) transformed all of us in the best of ways. So how about we leave this year a little happier and wiser than we got into it and make some beautiful memories to hold on to! And what better than this festive season bringing us together to share memories, meals and presents with our loved ones! And as much as we love helping you all with the presents part, today we are here to share some heartfelt gift wrapping ideas because hey, you took all that effort to find the perfect gift, let’s make sure the outer package lives up to it as well!


1. Kraft paper

If there’s one thing you need in your gift wrapping collection, it’s craft paper! The number of ways you can use it would require a blog post of its own but let us start with the basics here. You can go with the classic jute rope and craft paper combo. That is always a winner. Feel free to add in dried flowers or leaves or just a simple gift tag works too. For those of you who are a little more crafty, adding in a doily is also a great touch. You could even get plain craft paper sheets and use stamps to create your own gift wrapping paper. These plain sheets also come in handy when you want to give a flower bouquet to someone. Like we said this one needs a blog post of its own! :D

 kraft paper gift wrapping

2. Paper bag

Oh we love paper bags! They just look so cute and are great when you have something small & heartfelt to share and are looking for gift wrapping ideas without using a box. Often used as treat bags or to give out wedding favors, the real secret is in how you close the paper bag. THAT is what brings a wide smile on that special person’s face. Again there are many options here. You could close it with a ribbon at the top or even a button looks cute too. As with the kraft paper, adding a doily or personalized stamp are also beautiful options. In case you are short on time, just add a sweet sticker and you are set. This is such a playful option and play you must!


gift warp with paper gift bags wedding favors

3. Tissue paper / butter paper

Tissue paper is the sweetest little trick small businesses use to wrap their products and show their love and care. And now you know it too! The slightly transparent and soft paper shows the inner package just the right amount to create a little mystery and gives a really beautiful delicate look too. If you are an artist and have tracing paper lying about, that also can make for a good alternative. We have personally also used butter paper on many occasions to wrap not only edible gifts (hello, festive season!) but also boxes and to make lovely envelopes too.  


tissue gift wrapping ideas

4. Old book pages or newspaper

Oh the vintage charm of old pages! This is such a beautiful way of reusing easily available material while creating something timeless. Finish up with some dried flowers and there, you have got yourself a lovely heartfelt gift package. 

 gift wrapping newspaper

5. Tourist maps

Even though we all have technology these days to rely on during our travels, there’s something about an old-school map! In fact there are many travel companies these days who make some really fun travel guides and maps. We just love the idea of using them to wrap our gifts and give our loved ones a piece of our world with it. Also, wow! We just covered 5 gift wrapping ideas with paper. That's definitely pretty good to get you started, but the last two ideas have our heart. Keep reading on. 


travel map

6. Tea towels

One of our personal favourites, tea towels not only make for a beautiful & eco-friendly gift wrapping option but can also become part of the gift itself! How great is that? You can choose from so many prints and patterns and match it to suit the occasion or the gift inside. It also makes for an ideal gift wrap choice when it comes to gift items with odd shapes. Ever gave anyone one of those? We sure have! :D


tea towels wine

7. Burlap 

Another fabric idea, we love this one for its rustic countryside vibe.The fabric itself can be used to wrap boxes or items with odd shapes, say a bottle of jar or pot. You also get burlap drawstring bags readily available which are all the rage these days when it comes to gift wrapping ideas for wedding favors and we are not surprised. Just looking at them all together makes one’s heart melt. <3

burlap wedding favors


And that’s a wrap! See what we did there? :P

We would love to know if you use any of these ideas to share with your friends and family. And if we happened to miss any creative ideas, add them in the comment section below. Here’s to the last 2 months of 2020! Let’s make them count! :)

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