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7 decor ideas and tips for a creative home office

by hemant c | | creative workspace, Desk Decor, Desk Decor Ideas, Home Office, Work from home | 0 Comments

With more and more of us embracing the work from home life, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips that have helped us. As creatives at work, we cannot help but make our workspace a place that inspires us and keeps the creative juices flowing. So this one goes out to all the creative souls, the boss ladies, the entrepreneurs, even corporate employees who want to add some soul to their home office. Here are our top 7 tips that can turn your workspace into a creative haven! 


 1. Get those ideas out 

As creatives we are always bustling with ideas, our mind thinking of a thousand things at once! So it helps to put them out for us to see and visualize our dreams. Thankfully this doesn’t always have to be hidden away in our diaries, we can actually create a beautiful mess of it all too. Metallic mesh boards are a beautiful and chic option to pin those ideas, inspirational quotes or even magnets! Got too many ideas? Pin them on a bulletin board or pin board. And if you are old school like us and love to brainstorm, get yourself a chalkboard or white board and scribble away! The options are endless here and you can always mix and match them to suit your personal needs. 


home office desk decor pin mesh


2. Surround yourself with good company

It's always good idea to add a little bit of life to your workspace with plants and flowers. They add a nice freshness to the space and make for great company too! In case you like your desk neat and clean, you could place big plants in the room, maybe even human size plants if you have got the space! Cannot keep plants alive? No worries. Just sprinkle some desk ornaments (desk pets we like to call them) throughout your workspace. Remember, these are the little things that would keep you company and make you smile when you are deep at work, so hand pick them carefully to reflect your taste and lifestyle. 

desk decor plants

3. Let the light in

A lit up space is a happy one! So make sure you have a lot of natural light in your home office and that the desk is kept near a window. This will put you in a good mood to start your work day and crush those goals! We personally also love playing with the curtains and blinds of the windows to make the space look open and artistic if you will. If natural light is not available to you, you can always use lamps! And the best part is they double up as decor pieces too, so yay!

home office desk decor window

4. Decor it up

All the electronics and flat surfaces can often give the idea of a very commercial  space. And we creatives can’t have that right? Our home workspace should be a little bit of both, home and office. So to hit that sweet spot, give your workspace a little bit of character. Think rugs, cushion covers, curtains or a beautiful statement chair! All the texture will help soften the space and make it more homely.

home office desk decor rug chair

5. Prepare for meetings

The backdrop of your workspace is just as important, especially when it comes to getting on video calls with team members and clients. You can go for the classic option of a wall layout with frames and artworks. That always works! Bookshelves and plants also make for a great backdrop. And if you are feeling creative, you could also go with wall hangings, floating shelves or tapestries too if that’s your style! Remember to keep it professional and not too distracting though, so all eyes can be on “you”! :D 

home office desk decor wall decor

6. Keep it clean (as much as you can)

We all love our creative mess and rightly so. It’s our process after all! But some things have no space in our creative workspace, like wires and cords or coffee stains! Luckily there are many simple ways to avoid total chaos! Make sure your table is near a switchboard, no one wants to see wires dragging through the room. If you are looking to buy a new table, there are some great options online which have a dedicated section for all the wires and adapters. But if you are stuck with a normal table like us ( didn’t hear that...we love you, table!), be sure to invest in good desk organizers and coasters! You could even DIY some of these if you are feeling crafty!

home office desk decor clean desk

7. Add your own personal touch

Many of us took special pride in doing up our office cubicles and now it's time to extend the same love to our home office. Personalize the space with things that speak to you, be it souvenirs from your travels or pictures of your family. There are no tips or guidelines here. As long as it comes from your heart and makes you smile at the end of a long work day, it deserves a place in your workspace. :)


home office desk space inspiration

That’s all we have got for now. Be sure to tell us how you found these tips in the comments section below. We are going to go clean our creative mess now! Buh bye!


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