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5 ways to personalise your space!

Our hope with Carousel is to inspire as many of you as we can, to create and live a life you love. And so we believe in creating spaces that match your personality and needs in every way. Where we spend our time and how we spend it, determines how we feel. And we all crave a feeling of warmth and belonging, don't we? The way that you personalise your space will differ from the way that other people would. Because just like you, your space is unique :) 


Whether you are moving into a new house or you're redecorating, it can be a challenge to create a home that feels authentically you? Of course , you can cut-copy-paste from Pinterest, but it wouldn’t really be “you” now, would it?


Surround yourself with objects that you love, colours that calm you and bring back the focus and family photos and trinkets that bring back happy memories with friends and family. Here are 5 inspirational ways you can personalise your space, like your own!


1) Display cherished memories.

Nothing speaks “authentic” like a curated wall of candid, intimate pictures. It adds a touch of warmth and meaning to your space making it  truly yours. There are so many beautiful ways to display your pictures. You can of course go with the traditional gallery walls or picture frames on your shelves but we also love the idea of a little DIY Polaroid walls too! 

2) Fuse in a signature scent.

 We all know that every space has a unique scent. In fact, it is one of the first things we notice about a space. How many of us are guilty of going to cafes just because they smell like bread and coffee all the time?! Sigh. We feel you!  Adding your own fragrance is like making a memory of its own.If you’re a newbie, you can start small by adding a few soy candles with your favourite scents or use oil diffusers too. If you’re anything like us, oh boy, the list is endless and needs another blog post of its own! 

3) Bring the outside in.
If you follow us on Instagram, you know we’re crazy about plants. Whether it is the trending Fiddle leaf fig or the humble money plant, they add a very distinctive personality to any space and lifts it up instantly. Plus they act as natural air purifiers. If taking care of plants is slightly overwhelming, start with fresh bunch of flowers every week! They add so much charm and brighten your mood instantly!

4) Choose art that you personally like.
This is one particular area where we never follow the trends. We believe that each of us has an artist in all of us. As cliche as it sounds, we’re all drawn to diverse art forms in so many various ways even if we don’t fully explore it. Adding art and art pieces that you personally like (even if you don’t know why you like it) makes a huge impact in making the space yours. They inspire you, bring you joy and make you a part of someone else’s story. Invest in your local artists from time to time, support them in any way you can. Another option is to start getting creative yourself. The joy of having your own artwork displayed in your space is priceless!

5) Make Room for Your Interests.
Whether you play an instrument or love to read, make room for it! Dedicating a little nook in your space to your yoga practice or creating a designated painting corner will not only make it easier to do what you love, but also reflect your life values and interests! Imagine coming home to it after a long day and letting your mind immerse something that you love doing! So divine. You absolutely do not need an entire room for it—an empty corner should also work just fine! 

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