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5 simple ways to bring nature into your spaces!

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We all enjoy being surrounded by nature but we cannot live in the middle of it all the time. Sure, we can have plants and fulfil our Jungalow dreams but a lot of us have been guilty of not being able to keep our plants alive! What if we were to tell you we have figured out little ways to bring the outdoors inside? We bring you 5 simple ways to let nature into your spaces without worrying about dying plants ! Read on, will you?


1) Fresh Flowers and Leaves

Every time we miss the outdoors, we load all our empty glasses and jars with fresh flowers and leaves. They don't have to be expensive, just gather a few wild flowers or leaf cuttings and throw them into a jar with water! It is the quickest way to bring nature inside, in our opinion!


2) Natural Light

Fellow vampires, we feel you but somedays the easiest thing you can do is open the windows, the curtains and let the light in. The more natural light you bring in, the more closer to nature you feel. Even the most mundane walls come to life when you let the sun shine into your spaces. 


 3) Choose nature elements as decor 

Think pebbles as a paper weights or sea shells as decor pieces on shelves! Elements found in nature are a beautiful way to feel closer to nature. Dried flowers and wicker baskets are also a wonderful way to introduce nature within. Keep an eye out when you're strolling outdoors the next time. The inspiration is endless!


4) Natural Scents

 Okay, this hack transports you outdoors in a heartbeat! Try using Citrus scented candles or lemon grass in diffusers. Or or, even an enchanting forest smelling potpourri works very well. We should have definitely started the blog post with this little hack!


5) Display greenery through leaf prints and patterns!

We have saved the best for the last! This is probably our favourite way to get the outdoors inside. Imagine a painting of huge monstera leaf on your wall? Or perhaps a wall that has a tropical printed wall paper all over? You could never go wrong with this! 


Let us know if you have any more hacks? We would love to learn more! If you have come so far, thank you for sticking around. Hope you've had a good Sunday read.

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