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5 beautiful lines to help you when you feel stuck.

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Self- improvement isn't our favourite topics to talk about over here. We're definitely not the best people to talk about productivity hacks and self help either. We have tried it in the past and every-time, we fail miserably at living a life that is full of lists and routines and we have accepted that with grace. We love this space and we want to use it to spread cheer and make you all feel that we are in this together. So instead of choosing a topic that we find hard to follow ourselves, we thought of doing something different and share 5 of our favourite lines that help us get through a tough day at work and otherwise! 

We all want to have the best days but some days life throws a curveball. In such times, these little reminders help us shift our perspective in the simplest ways! So whatever your day has in store for you, we think we could all use these reminders – either to get through some of the hard times or appreciate the good! 


1) Be here now.

This is something we have been trying to learn for the longest. It always helps us get back to reality and focus on the task we are on and be mindful of what we are doing next! It is the hardest thing to follow somedays but having these words in front of us brings us back in the moment and channels our inner peace!


2) Pause. Unplug. Simplify.

We're particularly proud of this one, it is something we have come up with ourselves! This one is particularly helpful when things are getting too overwhelming and all we need to do is just step back and look at it from a zoomed out perspective.


3) Do it for you.

Most days we are not worried about numbers and the pace we go at but there are days when our human brain gets a little worried about a lot of things, all at once. So this one is the best reminder out of the lot that helps us get back to our "why" and brings us back to a calmer state of mind, instantly!


4) Go through life with an open heart.

We believe, that getting curious and living life with an open heart allows us to see things in a new way, in a new light. We love this line so much because it gives us a sense of freedom, and also gets us out of a mental block.


5) No feeling is final.

We were introduced to this beautiful line in the movie Jojo Rabbit. It is by a poet named Rainer Maria Rilke. The whole line is Let everything happen to you / Beauty and terror / Just keep going / No feeling is final. This particular line always helps us free our minds in situations beyond work too! We love how it asks you to keep going- not matter what and accept everything that comes your way. If you haven't watched Jojo Rabbit, please do! Also, explore Rilke's work at your own time if you haven't. He has some incredible poems and essays.

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