Zoom Background - Desk Situation

Zoom Background - Desk Situation

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We mean it when we say we believe in aesthetic spaces! Even if it means virtual spaces. Add instant warmth to your Zoom Calls with our adorable virtual background, Carousel Style!

Pro Tip: You can also use it as your desktop wallpaper :)



Your purchase includes one single high-resolution file  (JPG).

You will receive a downlink link once the checkout is completed. If you have provided an email address, you will get an email with the download link as well.


  1.  You to use the above design background only. You cannot extract the graphic from the design and use it on its own for any purpose. 

  2. Do not redistribute these files in any digital way, ie. as a freebie on your own site, as a logo option to clients, as a digital printable, as a piece of clipart, etc.

  3. Do not sell this bundle as a print or printable in your store.

  4. Do cannot claim this set as your own work or the work of someone else except Carousel.

  5. This bundle will not be individual to your business, it will be downloaded by many people all over the world. Because of this you cannot trademark or copyright the design. The copyright of these designs will remain Carousel.


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