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Festive Garden

Welcome to Festive Garden, your gateway to captivating wall decor products that truly elevate your home decor game. Our exquisite festive collection is a tapestry of various patterns and shapes that transform your walls into a canvas of artistic expression. Each wall sign is a reflection of our passion for blending timeless elegance with contemporary design, ensuring your living spaces radiate charm and warmth. Explore our curated selection and let your walls become the storytellers of your unique style.

Discover the perfect synergy of home and wall decor at Carousel.

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Wall Accent - Florista
Wall Accent - Florista Rs. 1,100.00 Rs. 600.00
Wall Accent - Botanique
Wall Accent - Botanique Rs. 1,300.00 Rs. 750.00
Wall Accent - Radiance
Wall Accent - Radiance Rs. 1,300.00 Rs. 750.00
Wall Accent - Scrollscape
Wall Accent - Scrollscape Rs. 1,100.00 Rs. 600.00